Our online training section has been removed from this website and has now moved to a dedicated website.

Our new website is called eOnline Training and can be accessed through this link: http://eonlinetraining.co.uk

The new website includes numerous new courses and very soon, we will be adding the LEVEL 1 HEALTH & SAFETY IN A CONSTRUCTION ENVIRONMENT course to the system.

The Online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment course is designed for those working on construction sites and is a requirement for those wishing to apply for a CSCS Green Card.  In accordance with CITB anyone who is a labourer on a construction site must be a CSCS Green Card Holder.

More Information on the E online training website


In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for flexible and accessible learning options has never been higher. With the rise of digital technology, e online training has emerged as a transformative educational platform that offers a wide range of benefits for learners worldwide. In this blog post, we will explore the concept and advantages of an e online training website, highlighting how it can empower individuals to unlock their learning potential.

Convenience and Flexibility

One of the key advantages of an e online training website is the convenience and flexibility it provides. Learners have the freedom to access courses anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace. Whether you prefer studying from the comfort of your home, during your lunch break at work, or while on the go, e online training allows you to fit learning seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Diverse Course Selection

An e online training website offers a vast selection of courses across various disciplines, catering to diverse learning needs and interests. From professional development and technical skills to personal enrichment and hobbies, there is a course for everyone. Learners have the opportunity to explore new subjects, acquire in-demand skills, and broaden their knowledge base with ease.

Engaging and Interactive Learning Experience

E online training websites employ innovative teaching methods to create an engaging and interactive learning experience. Through multimedia elements like videos, interactive quizzes, and simulations, learners can actively participate in the learning process. This interactivity enhances comprehension, retention, and practical application of knowledge, making the learning journey more effective and enjoyable.

Expert Instruction and Support

E online training websites often feature expert instructors and support teams dedicated to facilitating the learning process. Experienced professionals and subject matter experts guide learners through the course materials, providing insights, answering questions, and offering valuable feedback. Learners can benefit from the expertise and support of industry professionals, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.

Continuous Learning and Skill Development

An e online training website promotes continuous learning and skill development. Learners can access a wide range of courses to upgrade their skills, acquire new knowledge, and stay relevant in a rapidly evolving world. The platform allows for continuous self-improvement and lifelong learning, empowering individuals to adapt to changing industry demands and pursue their personal and professional goals.


An e online training website revolutionizes the way we learn, offering unparalleled convenience, flexibility, and accessibility. With diverse course options, engaging content, expert instruction, and continuous learning opportunities, e online training empowers individuals to unlock their full learning potential. Embrace the power of e online training and embark on a transformative educational journey that fits your lifestyle and fuels your personal and professional growth.

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