Website went live on the 6th April 2015. These are the testimonials we have received so far:

“The website was exactly what I was looking for. I think this is an excellent web site and the information you provide is excellent, too.
I have already forwarded a web link to a small builder and will have no hesitation in letting other builders know of the service you provide.”

Iain Geddes Architects Limited

“Just purchased some appointment letters and about 10 risk assessments, wow these are absolutely brilliant, saved me a heap of work!”

Roger Davies – Swansea

“Excellent products and value for money. Would have taken me a lot of time to figure this out on my own. Quick and professional service”

John Simmons – Rochdale

Please e-mail: info@cdmplan.co.uk if you wish to add a testimonial. Please also send your name and location for reference.

Thank you in advance.

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